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What would you do if

a high performer is transitioning and her coworkers are uncomfortable with it?

What would you do if

an employee refuses to share a bathroom with a transgender coworker?

What would you do if

someone makes a transphobic joke to your best customer whose kid is gender nonconforming?

What would you do if

nobody respects the personal pronouns your employee has asked for?

What would you do if

employees mock a transgender woman who interviews at your company?

What would you do if

a transgender employee is never invited to lunch with the rest of his coworkers?

Accessible online training
Based on growth mindset and cutting edge neuroscience

Why you need this course:

Harassment lawsuits are on the rise. With the MeToo movement and overall cultural shifts, your company can’t afford to ignore the problem.

When employees aren’t included, it hits the bottom line. Turnover costs can run from $500K to $10M, depending on company size.

Your company reputation is on the line. Mistreating employees, customers, and other key stakeholders can go viral on social media and in the press.

The transgender population is skyrocketing with the estimated number doubling in the past five years.

Millennials are the fastest growing group of transgender people. They’re demanding recognition. They’re pushing the envelope and pushing people’s buttons.


Time Commitment:

30-45 minutes per week,
8-12 weeks

Mobile Friendly:

Self paced learning


Easy, step-by-step instruction

Personalized Coaching:

All your questions answered

At the end of the program, you have:

A workforce that understands how to behave appropriately towards transgender coworkers, clients and customers.
Teams that are cohesive and can handle differences among members.
Access to the pipeline of transgender and gender nonconforming talent.
Policies that are flexible and up-to-date when it comes to transgender and gender nonconforming employees and their coworkers.